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File Package Information
File Package Information

The following information specifies how Heros Electronics needs to receive your files to be able to work with your information in a timely and accurate manner. If you have questions about our file specifications please contact us at sales@heros-electronics.com


A PCB design is described by a number of gerber files and files in other formats. See our requirements on gerber files before you place a PCB and/or Assembly order at Heros Electronics.


 Gerber Data Type

RS-274X with embedded apertures (Preferred)

RS-274D with proper aperture file

All Layers to be aligned and Mirrored Properly

Flashed and Filled Pads

Minimum Text Width: 5mils on Silkscreen layer, 10mils on pattern layer, 8mils on solder mask layer


 Drill Data Type

Excellon ASCII Format or Gerber Format

Embedded Tool Numbers and Sizes

End Point Drill Hits for Slots

Separate Plated and None-plated (NPTH) Drill Files


 PCB Fabrication Specs

PCB Dimensional Drawings

Slot Outlines

Fabrication Notes

Drill size, Quantity, Plated/None-plated Specs

Please define each Gerber Layer Type and name


 All Files (Gerber, Text, etc) must have a File-Extension

Basic PCB Manufacturing Specs

Solder Mask Color and Type

Silkscreen Color and Type

Finished Copper Thickness

Electrical Testing Requirements

Material Type and PCB Board Thickness


 Special PCB Manufacturing Specs

Immersion Gold /ENIG

Plating Gold

Selective Gold

Gold Finger

Immersion Silver



 Please Email all PCB Data in 1 Zip File

 Refer to PCB and Assembly Capabilities for more details.