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FPC &Flex-rigid PCB Capacities
FPC &Flex-rigid PCB Capacities


FPCs are generally installed bent, folded or twisted, and are primarily used to replace wiring, connectors and antennas, then gradually to be the Flex-rigid PCBs aminated with rigid PCBs, now in widely use throughout the electronics industry. In response to market requirements, Heros becomes a prototype-to-production Flex and rigid-flex PCB supplier. With its growing stronger core HDI technology in combination with flexible printed circuit boards, Heros also provides high density interconnect (HDI) Rigid-flex PCBs expect for rigid HDI PCBs. Below is our FPC related services and markets served.

Markets Served

√ Medical -diagnostic hardware, medical electronics and medical imaging devices

√ Telecommunications -high frequency chip carriers and fiber-optical communication products.

√ Industrial & Commercial -robotics, consumer electronics, UAVs, connectors and LED lighting applications.

√ Automotive -camera modules, lighting and other automotive electronics.


Standard FPC


Rigid-flex PCB

Panel Size 250*400mm 100*100mm 250*400mm
Line Width/Space .003'' (0.076mm) .00075'' (19μm) .003'' (0.076mm)
Copper Thickness 1/2oz - higher 1/4 to 1/2oz 1/2 oz - higher
Layer Count 10 layer
(to date)
18 layer
(to date)
4 layer
(to date)
Via / Drill Dia.
Min Drill (Mechanical) Hole Dia. .008'' (0.2mm) .006'' (0.15mm) .008'' (0.2mm)
Min Via (Laser) Dia. 5mil (0.13mm) 3mil (0.076mm) 6mil (0.15mm)
Min Micro-via (Laser) Dia. 3mil (0.076mm) 3mil (0.076mm) 3mil (0.076mm)
Stiffener Material PI / FR4 / Metal PI / FR4 / Metal FR4 / PI
Shielding Material Copper
Silver Ink
Silver Ink
Silver Ink
Tooling Tolerance 2mil (.051mm) 2mil (.051mm) 2mil (.051mm)
Zif Tolerance 2mil (.051mm) 1mil (.025mm) 2mil (.051mm)
Solder Mask
Solder Mask Bridge Between Dam 5mil (0.13mm) 4mil (0.10mm) 5mil (0.13mm)
Solder Mask Registration Tolerance 4mil (0.10mm) 4mil (0.10mm) 5mil (0.13mm)
Coverlay Registration 8mil (0.20mm) 5mil (0.13mm) 8mil (0.20mm)
PIC Registration 7mil (0.18mm) 4mil (0.10mm) 7mil (0.18mm)
Solder Mask Registration 5mil (0.13mm) 4mil (0.10mm) 5mil (0.13mm)
Polyimide (PI) Stiffener Registration
Stiffener Registration 10mil (0.25mm) 10mil (0.25mm) 10mil (0.25mm)
Thickness Tolerance 10% 10% 10%
FR4 Stiffener
Stiffener Registration 10mil (0.25mm) 10mil (0.25mm) Layer to Layer
Thickness Tolerance 10% 10% 5mil
Silkscreen /Legend
Min Height 35mil (0.89mm) 25mil (0.64mm) 35mil (0.89mm)
Min Width 8mil (0.20mm) 6mil (0.15mm) 8mil (0.20mm)
Min Space 8mil (0.20mm) 6mil (0.15mm) 8mil (0.20mm)
Registration +/-5mil (0.13mm) +/-5mil (0.13mm) +/-5mil (0.13mm)
Impedance +/-10% +/-10% +/-10%
SRD (Steel Rule Die)
Outline Tolerance 5mil (0.13mm) 2mil (.051mm) 5mil (0.13mm)
Min Radius 5mil (0.13mm) 4mil (0.10mm) 5mil (0.13mm)
Inside Radius 20mil (0.51mm) 10mil (0.25mm) 31mil (0.79mm)
Min Punching Hole Dia. 40mil (1.02mm) 31.5mil (0.80mm) N/A
Pucnhing Hole Dia. Tolerance +/-2mil (0.05mm) +/-1mil (0.03mm) N/A
Slot Width 20mil (0.51mm) 15mil (0.38mm) 31mil (0.79mm)
Tolerance of Hole To Outline +/-3mil (0.076mm) +/-2mil (0.05mm) +/-4mil (0.10mm)
Tolerance of Hole Edge To Outline +/-4mil (0.10mm) +/-3mil (0.076mm) +/-5mil (0.13mm)
Min Size of Trace To Outline 8mil (0.20mm) 5mil (0.13mm) 10mil (0.25mm)