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Bluethooth Music Flower Pot
Bluethooth Music Flower Pot with MOQ 500pcs at Factory Price
Bluethooth Music Flower Pot with MOQ 500pcs at Factory Price
Speaker: Φ50mm 5W 3Ω
Signal to noise ratio: 90dB
Frequency response range: 20~20KHz
Bluetooth distance: 10m
Battery capacity: 1200mAh
Charging time: about 4 hours
Playing time: about 12 hours
Size: 114*114*117
Product Details

Published on June 28, 2017

MOQ: 500pcs

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Product Name: Bluetooth Music Flower Pot / Bluetooth Speaker / Light Smart Touch Music Plant Lamp Rechargeable / Smart Plant Pot / Piano Plant Pot with Rechargeable Wireless Speaker / Flowerpot with 7 Color Rainbow Night Light

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Bluetooth Transmission Distance: 10m

Battery Volume: 1,200mAh

Work Voltage: DC 3.7V

Charging Power: DC 5V-1A

Charging Time: about 4 hours

Play Time: about 12 hours

Net Weight: 400g

Product Size: 114 x 114 x 117mm

Remark: The flowerpot not including plant


A Magic Plant Piano: This is a magic Plant Piano. Grow your favorite plant in this magic flowerpot. The plant will play a song by every touch on it, just like you are playing a piano.

It's not only a flowerpot that you can pot up to purify air at home or office but also a night light.

It can be switched to bluetooth speaker mode. And when playing music, the atmosphere light will flash follow the rhythm.

Smart mood lamp with 7 colors, you can select a fixed color to suit your mood and making the space more attractive.

It is a creative flowerpot. Through the embedded sensors of the soil, the plant on this flowerpot can feel your touch of the plant and return you the lively music and warm light.


Product Description:


Wireless Speaker: When connected to devices by Bluetooth, it can act as a speaker with very clear sound.


Environmental Friendly: Green plant together with colorful night light makes life real colorful and healthy.


Operation Steps:


Step1: Plant a green plant to your favorite into the flowerpot, water it to make the soil moist.


Step2: Long press power/model key to make it power on. Click the NEXT key to choose a song. Touch the plant to make the piano sound.


Step3: Click the Power/model key to turn to Bluetooth model, connect to other devices with Bluetooth, now it is a speaker.


Step4: Gently press the light key to turn on the light.


Package includes:


Music Flower Pot

x 1

Music USB Charging Cable

x 1

User Manual

x 1