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Bluethooth Music Flower Pot
Smart Music Flowerpot Flower Pots Manufacturer with PCB and SMT Factory
Smart Music Flowerpot Flower Pots Manufacturer with PCB and SMT Factory
Speaker: Φ50mm 5W 3Ω
Signal to noise ratio: 90dB
Frequency response range: 20~20KHz
Bluetooth distance: 10m
Battery capacity: 1200mAh
Charging time: about 4 hours
Playing time: about 12 hours
Size: 114*114*117
Product Details

Please read the instructions carefully before using the product!


Product Introduction

Thank you for choosing and using the company’s smart music flowerpot!

This smart music pot has three main functions:

1. Smart Fun: By touching the real plant, you can make this flowerpot make a wonderful piano sound at the touch of the touch. Lots of fun and fun! Multiple music, free switch!

2. Bluetooth: Switch bluetooth mode, can connect with bluetooth device. Instantly become a fashionable bluetooth speaker.

3. Green Grade: The rainbow night light mode, let you have seven colorful life, can apply to different scene.




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IMG_20170630_103817 (2)

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Product Parameters


1. Speaker: Φ50mm 5W 3Ω

2. Signal to noise ratio: 90dB

3. Frequency response range: 20~20KHz

4. Bluetooth distance: 10m

5. Battery capacity: 1200mAh

6. Working voltage: DC 3.7V

7. Charging parameters: DC 5V 500mA

8. Charging time: about 4 hours

9. Playing time: about 12 hours

10. Size: 114*114*117mm

11. Net weight: 400g

Use steps

1. Remove the product and check if the product and accessories are complete.

2. Plant your favorite plants in a flowerpot. Water them lightly to keep the soil moist.

(Note: the sensitivity of contact is different because of different plants, and it is suggested that plants should be consulted for the plant compatibility list)

3. Play: Long press the POWER Cue the stereo and go into the harp mode. Touching plants can be played on the piano.

Click the NEXT to switch the song.

l  Bluetooth: In the shutdown state, long press the POWER. Wait until finish hint sound, light according to the mode switch button to enter the bluetooth(bluetooth name: K3) FLASHING BLUE LIGHTS WHEN THE BLUETOOTH PAIRING, SUCESSFUL MATCHES THE BLUE LIGHTS WENT OUT. When the music is played, the color atmosphere will flash with the rhythm, and the light will be switched off or the ambient light will be turned on.

l  Colorful light:

  The keys mode: Gently press the lights. Turn on the light( including two kinds of warm light and seven

colored breathing lamps), Click on the seitch or turn off the night light again.

Touch mode: Long press the light. The green light flashed several times, Turn on the light touch function, The night light can be switched or turned off by touching the plant. Once again, press the light button and the red light flashes a few times, which is to turn off the light touch function.

Screebl: Play mode and bluetooth mode, in the case of standby, ten minutes will automatically be turned off (if the equipment under a state of charge will not automatically shut down. Need to manually turn it off).

Trouble shooting

Unable to boot

Check the battery for electricity, please charge!
When charging, the red indicator lights up and is filled with red lights.

The harps are not very sensitive

1.If the pot is ftoo dry, please water the pot plants properly.
2.The sensitivity of the touch is affected by the current magnetic field under charge.

The night light can’t be touched

If there is a touch feature that opens the night light, please press the light of the light of the light to open the touch function of the night light, and then turn off the touch function again.

The bluetooth playback appears in carton

Whether it is beyond the effective transmission range, or between the stereo and the equipment.

Bluetooth playback sounds small or distorted

The battery is too low, please charge it promptly.

Bluetooth cannot connect

Check if the stereo is in search or restart. There are too many bluetooth devices in the vicinity, causing a search problem and closing other bluetooth devices to disconnect from the audio connection.

Advice Plant

succulent plant

Pepper grasses

Benth. ex E. Mey.
Sedum xrubrotinctum Clausen
Aloe vera

Peperomia tetraphylla
Peperomia caperata
Peperomia clusiaefolia
Peperomia argyreia (Miq.) E. Morr.



Pacers sansevieria
S. trifasciataGoldenHahnii
Bergamot sansevieria
Banana sansevieria

Murraya exotica
Sempervivum tectorum
Epipremnum aureum
Matthiola incana (L.) R.Br.

Note: in order to make the product have a better experience,
      it is recommended that the plant be non-toxic and green.