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Why High Layer PCB Board Used So Widely?
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The high layer PCB board is also called multilayer PCB, which is mainly used in professional electronic equipment, such computers and industrial controller equipment, especially in the case of the overload of weight and volume. The multilayer PCB is also very useful in high-speed circuit. The multilayer PCB can provide more space for the conductor pattern and power. Specialized in PCB and assembly manufacturing, Heros Electronics is professional in manufacturing multilayer PCB, HDI PCB and High frequency PCB, and all types PCB assembly.


The multilayer PCB is made up by two or more PCBs which are stacked together with reliable predefined mutual connection between them. There are at least three conductive layers in one multilayer PCB with two layers outside and the one layer synthetized in the insulation board. Due to the complex manufacturing process and lower production, the cost of multilayer PCB is relatively higher.


The widespread use of multilayer PCB results from requirements of the development of electronic technology, such as high speed, multi-function, high-capacity, small size. On one hand, as the electronic devices is becoming smaller and lighter, single-sided PCB and double-sided printed PCB cannot match increasing assembly density due to the limit of available space. On the other hand, , there are many problems in the PCB layout such as noise, stray capacitance, crosstalk and so on. Therefore, the design of PCB must be committed to minimizing the length of the signal line and avoiding the parallel routes. Obviously, single-sided PCB or double-sided PCB cannot meet the requirement because of the limited intersections that can be achieved. Under the demand of large number of interconnections and crosses, the PCB can achieve a satisfactory performance unless the PCB is expanded to more than two layers. The multilayer PCB comes onto the market. With the help of the state-of-the-art PCB manufacturing equipment and the latest inspection equipment, Heros Electronics can manufacture close-tolerance multilayer PCB up to 30 layers.


At present, multilayer PCB has been widely used in various electronic devices and it has become an important part among the electronic components owing to its numerous advantages, such as high assembly density, small size, good quality; reliability, flexibility, the constitution of a circuit with impedance; the formation of high-speed transmission circuit, the setup of shielding layer for electronic circuit and magnetic circuit, simple installation and so on. But there are two sides for everything. For multilayer PCB, some disadvantages still remains, such as high cost, long production cycle, high requirement of testing method.


With the development of technology, multilayer PCB will become more and more perfect and will be applied in more and more field. Through continued exploration and development, Heros Electronics will supply more and more new styles of multilayer PCB in the future.