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IC Programming Service in Seasons SMT House
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Seasons Electronics provides IC Programming Service, PCB Manufacturing and SMT Assembly service for customers. IC programming is the process of transferring a computer program into an IC(integrated circuit). Older types of IC including PROMs and EPROMs and some early PLD(programmable logic device) was typically programmed through parallel busses that used many of the device's pins and basically required inserting the device in a separate programmer. But modern ICs are typically programmed in circuit though a serial protocol, sometimes JTAG, and sometimes something manufacturer specific. Some particularly FPGA even load the data serially from a separate flash or prom chip on every startup.


Seasons SMT House is located in Shenzhen, which is the city in one of China Four Major Electronics Information and Industry Bases. As all we know, semiconductors purchased from manufacturers and distributors, like digikey and mouser, are empty without controlling program. The program should be burnt in (/programmed) the chips, such as IC and MCU, before SMT assembly. IC and MCU programming is the more necessary and important process than IC testing. Generally, programming work will be done by the electronics SMT manufacturers. Seasons Electronics is helping programming for customers.

How to do IC programming? We do IC programming through programming machine and programmer, which also called writer, or burner. This programmer is used for programming programmable IC. With the development of IC programming, nowadays, it supports EEPROM, flash, nand flash, PCD, CPLD and etc. There are 2 kinds IC programming, one is manual and the other is auto. The integration and popularity of programmable IC is getting higher and higher, and China has become a manufacturing factory for electronic products in the world, Shenzhen is of the most demanding area for programmers. Here is the video we taken in our SMT workshop for reference.

What’s required? We provide programming machine but not provide programmers because different semiconductors need different kind programmers and there is no strictly speaking universal programmers. If programmer provided by us, we also need to customize or purchase online. What’s more, for better intellectual property protection, provided by customer is better. What required in IC programming is programmer, program file, connectors, wires and procedures. Of course, sending us a programming video is welcome.

How do we charge for IC programming? It’s simple, just labor time consumption.

We support quick quote for standard and HDI PCB in 0.5-2 hours, BOM cost and Assembly Cost in 0.5-2 days. Need a quick quote? Feel free to send your Gerber Files, BOM and requirements to sales@heros-electronics.com.