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PCB and Assembly Manufacturer

As one of the PCB and Assembly Manufacturers in Shenzhen, China, Heros Electronics has been providing world market with quickturn high-quality PCB and assembly in small and bulk quantities at reasonable prices. To provide customers more professional and advanced PCB boards and high reliable PCB assemblies, we’re committed to executing the strictest standards in the whole processes of PCB manufacturing and assembly. We only focus on Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing and PCB Assembly, and that’s why we are professional.

Quick PCB Manufacturing

We manufacture rigid, flexible and rigid-flex PCB boards with FR4, Aluminum, CEM-3,  PI& PET and high frequency low DK/Df materials, which make us apart from other PCB providers China. For multi-layer PCB prototype board, we can reach to 30 layers with buried vias, blind vias, staggered vias, impedance control, carbon oil, press-fit holes, heavy copper, Via-in-Pad and etc. The markets we mainly serve including Consumer Electronics, Industrial Control, Security and Protection, Smart Home, Wearable Devices, LED Lighting, Telecommunication and Medical Devices. With hundreds of satisfied clients all around the world, we know how to put innovation and engineering on a printed circuit board.

Fast PCB Assembly

Heros Electronics provides one-stop PCB and assembly service from PCB manufacturing, components scouring and SMT &DIP assembly. We run 2 shifts a day with 4 SMT lines. There are 3 BOM list engineers and 8 SMT machine engineers to analyses new orders. We are able to provide 1-500sets quick turn PCB assembly service with Fuji SMT machines with fast lead time. All our work is done in dust-free workshop, and all products follow IPC Class 2 and/or IPC Class 3, and only use RoHS compliant materials in all processes. All components are procured as original and new from Digikey, Mouser , TI, ST, Atmel distributor and China In stock with competitive prices.

Surface Mount Technology (SMT)

With years’ experience, Heros Electronics can place BGA, UBGA, CSP and small profile passives down to and including 0201, we offer a cost effective high yield solution to any SMT requirement.

Pin Through Hole

Capabilities to place tape and reeled radial components sizes. Maximum PCB size is 40" x 40". Placement rates reach 15,000 pieces per hour with an accuracy of 99% with minimizing component loss.